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About Us

"La Serenata" means to serenade, and to celebrate the joy of life with our unique and rich taste of food that will satisfy your palate. We have been preparing our food the same way since we started twenty years ago in our humble place in Boyle Heights.

Our restaurants, in downtown Los Angeles and West L.A., served up some of the best fine Mexican dining to be found in Southern California.

After 32 years, our downtown restaurant has closed but the tradition continues at our West Los Angeles location.

Our History

La Serenata started in March of 1985 when Jose and Aurora Rodriguez decided to open a small establishment. The original idea was to introduce his style of cooking to the Boyle Heights community, never imagining that the restaurant would reach the heights it has.

Creating a variety of dishes and sauces to better satisfy the taste buds of their clientele became the emphasis. Throughout the years Jose has been able to conjure up an interesting menu which has helped further develop his style of cooking. This has given him a positive response from their regular loyal clientele. Their goal is to continue giving their best in maintaining quality food and excellent service.

The Serenata restaurants take pride in their Mexican-style seafood. There is no compromise on freshness of the food and health consciousness, well prepared with the best ingredients and olive oil, and absolutely no lard. On-site, homemade tortillas and desserts are baked daily by our pastry chef Marco Rodriguez (Jose's son). The fish tacos are embellished with avocado and cilantro, the gorditas are stuffed with delicious shrimp, and the salmon enchiladas are fragrant with fresh oregano. The mouth-watering Mexican sea bass Veracruzana strewn with olives, capers, roasted tomato, white wine, in a clear, spicy, and delicate sauce, giant shrimps with a brilliant, green cilantro sauce, or the halibut with smoldering chipotle sauce.

Jose Rodriguez is a man with an exquisite taste memory. He has been called the "Maestro de Salsas" in Los Angeles, particularly in sauces for seafood. Currently, there are more than 30 salsas in his repertory. His exquisite slightly sweet mole (best with chicken) is so delicious it is almost like dessert.

Jose clearly has a soft spot for his four-chile alarm salsa molcajete, studded with diced avocado, which electrifies his salmon. In fact, Mr. Rodriguez believes it is the oldest sauce in Mexican cooking. He is also known for his excellent sopas. Except for a kick of chile and a little cream, his soups sing of the essence of carrots or turnips or garbanzo beans, or portabella mushrooms. And the broth for his full-meal caldos, broths bobbing with shrimp, fish, and vegetables is an alchemist's potion of water, olive oil, and a squirt of lime, perfumed with strands of epazote and cilantro.


10924 W Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90064


Monday - Friday: 11:00 am - 8:45 pm
Saturday - Sunday: 4:00 pm - 8:45 pm